Q.I.T.E. understand the challenges that local businesses face, in recruiting and maintaining a skilled and productive team. That is why we specialise in helping employers find the right people for their business.  We will provide you with a service which is specific to your business needs.

Q.I.T.E.is one of FNQ’s largest and longest serving leading employment service providers.  We are active in our local community and are driven by our mission statement to “drive meaningful employment opportunities utilising the best available technologies to improve the prosperity of jobseekers, employers and ultimately communities”. 

Q.I.T.E.will work with you to find the correct employee who has the skills or experience that will suit your business. Our staff are trained to have the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer information on the range of services that we deliver. These services include:

  • General recruitment
  • Disability Employment Services
  • Labour hire
  • Harvest Labour Services
  • Access to Australian Apprenticeship Support Network
  • Individualised training packages

If you have a job out there that you would like to fill please contact us.


We value your feedback!


Employer Feedback

At QITE we are always striving to improve on the employer’s journey when recruiting new staff.  We value feedback as it helps us to improve on what we do & how we do it.  Recruitment is our business. Freeing up your time so you can FoCUS on yours is what we want to achieve!


Employment Services

As one of the community’s largest employment service providers, our dedicated specialised team provides a tailored and flexible service at no cost to meet your workplace needs.  This is achieved by utilising our database of potential candidates and networks in conjunction with two Australian government programs designed to assist jobseekers in finding and maintaining employment and our Labour Hire Service.
  • Jobactive
  • DES Disability Employment Services
  • Harvest Labour Services
  • Labour Hire

Q.I.T.E.’s specialised staff assess the match between jobseekers' employability skills, available jobs and the specific needs of employers. Partnering with our clients we aim to place the right person into the right job.

To discuss with one of our specialised staff about how the Q.I.T.E. team can help you recruit your newest team member please contact us.

We work in conjunction with National Workforce Network with National employers to fill vacancies within our region.

Disability Employment Service Contract


Quality Innovation Training and Employment (Q.I.T.E.) is very proud to have been successful in our bid for the Disability Employment Service Contract and will be operating this contract across all our locations apart from Yarrabah.

This contract will commence on the 1st of July 2018 and will sit nicely alongside our current jobactive contract.

QITE’s Vision is meaningful employment for all clients, adding value to the people we serve, their families & communities and we will endeavour and continue to serve this vision.

Thank you for your continued commitment to Q.I.T.E.


Labour Hire

Q.I.T.E.’s Contract Labour Hire is licenced under Section 16(1)(a), Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017.

Licence No:  LHL-00154-Y8L3H   Period:  30/4/18 to 30/4/2019.

As a well-established and trusted brand with over 25 years of local operations, our strength lies with our local knowledge and ability to partner closely with clients over the long-term.  We support our clients by optimising productivity and mitigating risk in the people component of our client’s business.

For more than 15 years Q.I.T.E. have been delivering Labour Hire Services throughout Cairns and the Tablelands across a range of industries.

Q.I.T.E Labour Hire assists in saving our clients time and money by sourcing their labour as well as handling all administrative responsibilities associated with employing staff including:

  • Payroll
  • Tax declarations
  • Superannuation

Our competitive, cost effective rates include superannuation, public liability, work cover, professional indemnity and Administration.

An integral part of our client offering is safety leadership, which is supported by our outstanding safety record.  Our commitment to health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is our first and most important value.  To ensure that we are meeting the needs of our clients detailed risk assessments are completed on the tasks involved in all work and a Labour Hire induction covering general workplace Health and Safety, labour hire process and payroll for all employees.

Q.I.T.E. 's Quality Management System operates in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standards.

Harvest Labour Services

Q.I.T.E. provides Harvest Labour services (HLS) all year round to connect workers with growers in the horticultural industry at harvest time.

Q.I.T.E. are contracted by the federal government to deliver this service throughout the Tablelands and most recently Lakeland. 

HLS is a free service to assist employers/growers to find harvest workers locally or outside the area as required, we screen worker and match them to your needs and check to ensure that they are legally entitled to work in Australia.  Q.I.T.E. will also mobilise these jobseekers throughout the harvest area as required.

Harvest Labour Services staff liaise regularly with growers, industry groups and keep up with regional trends and industry needs.  This plays an important role in our communication with harvest workers outside the region as we are able to give advice and information on seasonal harvest, available facilities, transport and accommodation.

As of the 1st of July Q.I.T.E. was successful in expanding their Harvest Labour Services area from the Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba, Kuranda and Dimbulah to include Lakeland.

Hosting Work For the Dole

At Q.I.T.E., we help many jobseekers who come to us looking for meaningful employment each day. Our mission in all that we do is "To assist people gain, retain or enhance their position in the workforce and their lives".  

So what if we told you that in becoming a partner with Q.I.T.E., your business could also help make a direct impact and improve the life of someone willing and able to work?

At Q.I.T.E. we coordinate a range of activities to assist jobseekers located across the Cassowary Coast, Cairns and Tablelands areas to gain new skills and become ready for work. 

If you decide to partner with us on this meaningful journey, you will also receive individualised, professional support. We ensure participants are matched to activities which align with their interests and employment goals.  In addition, Q.I.T.E. also prepares people for Work for the Dole with an induction course covering OH&S and their responsibilities while on-the-job. Our aim is to be there to help guide and develop activities to be truly meaningful for all stakeholders.

Who will you be helping out?

The people involved in these activities are generally people in receipt of Centrelink income benefits. They're aged between 18-50 and are required to participate in eligible activities each year. By undertaking an activity, participants develop their ability to work as part of a team, build self esteem, take directions from a supervisor, communicate effectively and work independently.

Work for the Dole - Expression of Interest

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Q.I.T.E. to host a Work for the Dole project, please click on the below link with the following information;

  • Oganisation Name
  • Contact Person
  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • Email
  • Confirm your eligibility (as indicated below) and
  • let us know which informaiton you are interested in receiving information about

Eligibility Checklist:

  • Not-For-Profit or Community Based Organisation
  • Have Public Liability Insurance
  • Can provide supervision

Are you interested in being a WfD host ?

Make an Inquiry : Workforthedole@qite.com